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Phoenix Cleaning Systems offer both Steam and Dry Chem cleaning systems. Steam cleaning (a.k.a. hot water extraction) provides a powerful rinse that extracts soil deep within the carpet fibers.

Drying time is approximately 6 to 8 hours in most cases.

Steam cleaning is recommended for carpets that are moderately to heavily soiled or for carpets that haven't been cleaned in more than a year. We have both portable and truck mounted steam cleaning machines. The Dry Chem Bonnet system is an effective surface cleaner that requires very little moisture compared to hot water (steam) extraction. This method of cleaning works great on low pile carpet such as Berber and is sufficient in maintenance carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaned with the Dry Chem system will dry in 2 hours or less. (A good choice for businesses where carpets need to dry in a timely fashion or vacation rentals with back to back bookings). Also the Dry Chem system is excellent with spots and stains.

For carpets that have a lot of stains we recommend using both Steam cleaning and Dry Chem systems for optimal results. Each cleaning situation is unique.  Upon professional inspection of your carpets we will determine the best method that suits your needs.

Steam Clean & Dry Chem

Carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpets cleaned on an annual basis to maintain and extend the life of your carpet.

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